MedArtNet: Who are we?

We are the artisanal fishermen of the Mediterranean. Together we defend the artisanal fishing as a dignified livelihood with prospects of future. We aspire to be guardians or custodians of a more sustainable sea.

Medartnet position on the reform of the CFP

The proposed Medartnet is firm. We need to create and implement multiannual management plans, designed through the participation of all sectors with the aim of promoting a co-management model.

Press releases

02 december 2013:

Associations from Morocco and Algeria join the Mediterranean Platform of Artisanal Fishers

13 june 2013:

The Sand-eel Co-management Committee, with the Mediterranean Platform of Artisanal Fishers among its members, receives the 2013 WWF Award for Conservation Merit

07 february 2013:

Artisanal fishermen applaud the support of the European Parliament on the future of fisheries and marine resources

04 february 2013:

Fishermen urge the European Union to end the "state of agony" of marine resources with the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy

21 december 2012:

The Mediterranean Platform of Artisanal Fishers welcomes the European Parliament's step towards a more responsible and sustainable
Common Fisheries Policy

19 september 2012:

Mediterranean Artisanal Fishers proposed to the European Union the establishment of local co-management plans to ensure the sustainability of marine resources

14 september 2012:

The Mediterranean Platform of Artisanal Fishers
organizes a round table in the European Parliament
to discuss the Common Fisheries Policy Reform

26 march 2012:

European Commissioner Damanaki tweets with Mediterranean Artisanal Fishermen: "time is running to save small scale fishing and ecosystems".

06 march 2012:

"The current reform will cause the death of the artisanal fishing sector and the collapse of fishing resources. 

MedArtNet's agenda

04-05 april 2014: Working group meetings of the Mediterranean Advisory Council (RAC) about discards and on EC Legislation's impact on Mediterranean Fisheries

Presentation of Medartnet and evaluate the possibilities of collaboration.

03-07 february 2014: “Technical Consultation" meeting about the International Guidelines to ensure a sustainable small-scale fisheries, being organized by FAO. Rome

Includes taking part in a two day preparatory meeting for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on 1 and 2 February.

16 january 2014

Participation at the IV encounter of MCC (Shared management of cuotas) in the Golfo de California, México

27-30 november 2013: First Regional Symposium on Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Sea

The symposium is open to representatives of national administrations, interested international 
organizations, NGOs, fishers associations and communities, stakeholders and civil society.

15 november 2013

Participation at the workshop “Marine Spatial Planning and Fisheries”, organized by European Commission. Vilnius, Lithuania

29-31 october 2013

Participation at the workshop “Awareness raising on the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security (“Guidelines”), organized by FAO. Sofia, Bulgaria

24-26 september 2013

Participation at the workshop Atelier Sous Régional de Renforcement des Organisations Professionnelles de la Pêche Artisanale dans les pays de l’Afrique du Nord, Bizerte, Tunisia.

10 july 2013

“ISSUE: PECH Committee vote on July 10th on the Cadec’s Draft Report “on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

25-28 november 2012

MedArtNet participates in the Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean

18 november 2012

MedArtNet participates in the European Congress of Artisanal Fishers organised by Greenpeace in Brussels

18 september 2012

The Mediterranean Platform of Artisanal Fishers
organizes a round table in the European Parliament
to discuss the Common Fisheries Policy Reform

06-08 september 2012

Participation at the "10th international Seafood Summit", with the presentation: «La cogestion locale comme outil pour la durabilité de la pêche» (Hong-Kong)

30 may 2012

Lunch with european parlamentaires «Quel futur pour les poissons, les pêcheurs et les industries de la pêche ?»; (Bruselas, Bélgica)

03-04 may 2012

Participation at the «Atelier de formation et d’information sur la pêche durable dans les aires marines protégées en méditerranée », organized by L’Agence de Protection et d’Aménagement du Littoral, la Direction Générale de la pêche et de l’Aquaculture, le WWF Programme Méditerranée - Bureau de Tunis; (Túnez)

11 april 2012

Participation at the final conference of the PRESPO project “La pesca artesanal en el arco atlántico”; (Vigo, España)

17-18 march 2012

Participation to the “Meeting of artisan fishermen and Marine Protected Areas of the Mediterranean” organized by MEDPAN, Federparchi, Parc Natural Port-Cros, WWF, Consorzio di gestione Torre Guaceto; (Carrovignio, Italia).

28 february 2012

Participation to the European Parliament hearing on “Supporting Small Scale, Coastal and Island Fishing under the CFP Reform”; (Brussels, Belgium).

11 october 2011

Participation to the European Parliament hearing on “Socioeconomic viability and solutions for small‐scale and coastal fisheries in the EU in the context of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)”; (Brussels, Belgium).